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Truely Innovative Social Media

Using focused research to identify potential uses for socially created information, we are uncovering new types of data almost every day. Content properties managed by Factor Media help people find the important information, so you can get on with your life.

Find All the Factors

We are constantly improving how we prioritize and distribute our content. Using research methods designed to identify the most useful information, we aim to empower our users with best data possible. We believe that before you decide, you should find all the factors.

100% Evergreen Content

We do not spin or duplicate content. All properties owned and operated by Factor Media publish 100% verified original content. Our content is created and maintained to remain useful forever, not just the time being.

Content for You, by You

Who knows what you care about more than you? This is why nearly 70% of all Factor Media content is user-generated, we just care for it to ensure a long and useful life. Our communities are built around a culture of helping others, and that’s what they do. Looking for SEO Consulting?

Helping You Make Better Decisions

Helping you to make informed decisions by publishing useful content means we take extra care to ensure our users find information that is useful to them. Distributing our content through user-driven syndication; we are constantly refining our algorithms to better serve you.

Precision Market Research

Factor Media analysts are dedicated fact finders with a passion for truth. We invest an incredible amount of time and resources in the quality of our information to consistently deliver only the best, most useful content. Are you a data and analysis junkie? If so, check out our social media jobs »

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