Do You Have What it Takes to Work for Factor Media

Personally, I find it thrilling to grow a company from the ground up. In less than 3 months we have gone from 1 employee to 13. This is has been an uphill battle as it is increasingly difficult to find, qualify, and retain top talent.

But Jobs Are Filling Up Quickly…

We have been very lucky thus far and received a flurry of responses to all of our job openings – most of which have been filled! But, we are still looking to fill a few key positions:

But this hasn’t stopped us from receiving surges of interest and resumes, specifically for the SEO and link building positions. So what we have done to help ease the lives of our hiring managers is create pre-qualification tests for these two roles. These tests are used as a barometer to gauge the base level of knowledge we require to work in these positions.

So Do You Have What it Takes?

Find out, click the links below and complete the tests – if you achieve our minimum required scores we will get in touch with you right away with an offer!

Take the Factor Media SEO Knowledge Test »
Take the Factor Media Link Building Knowledge Test »


The Factor Media Webmaster is a rotating administrative role managed by various team members within the company.

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