Internship: Junior Ruby on Rails 3 Developer

Ruby on Rails Internship

Job Description

We are looking for a flexible developer who is quick on their technical feet, and eager to learn new technologies. A good understanding of Object Orientated techniques is required, understanding MVC is a big plus. We work predominantly in RoR3, MySQL, and jQuery, and are more interested in the desire to learn and use RoR3 than an existing knowledge of it.

The position will be work closely under the direction of our Lead Developer to implement new features for our existing sites in Japan. What do you know of Japanese culture?

Applicants do not need to know Japanese, but knowing Japanese would be a big plus.The website is made in Ruby on Rails 3, and while any formal knowledge of Ruby on Rails is not required, a good knowledge of Object Orientated techniques is required.

This position will be in Philadelphia’s premier coworking space, Indy Hall, for at least part of the time.


  • Firm understand, and recent experience in Object Orientated programming environment
  • Good understanding of MVC concept, and experience using it.
  • 1-2 years of programming experience in a mature language (C#, Java, or the like).
  • Good at Javascript (jQuery in particular)
  • Formal education in Computer Science of the like a plus.

How To Apply

Please complete the short quiz below and then send your cover letter and resume to

Applications received without cover letters, and cover letters without the required answers, will not be considered. No exceptions.