SEO Engineer

SEO Engineer PhiladeplhiaJob Description

Ideal candidate will have 2-3 years experience optimizing large-scale, content management system run websites to aggressively grow link profile and total number of indexed pages. Persons in this role must have an in-depth understanding of keyword composition (head/body/tail) and a firm grasp on how to build head keyword authority.


  • In-depth understanding of OOP languages, MVC frameworks, and their implications for search engine optimization
  • Experience optimizing eCommerce or large content publishing websites (1,000+ pages)
  • Proven track record of growing and sustaining organic website traffic from various inbound marketing channels
  • High level knowledge of information architecture and link hierarchy
  • Firm grasp of search engine algorithms and crawlers
  • CMS experience, preferably open-source. Bonus points for Ruby or Rails 3
  • Experience using SEO management software is a plus but not required


  • Assist the SEO Production Team with campaign implementation
  • Identify new keyword sources and provide intelligence reports to SEO Analysts
  • Work closely with SEO Analysts to prioritize keyword lists for greatest impact
  • Review on-site content and provide augmentation directives to Content Managers
  • Constantly improve overall website crawl rate

Position Details

  • Location: Virtual
  • Compensation: DOE, Contract.
  • Benefits: Full Medical (Salary Only)
  • Vacation: Paid, 2 Weeks (Salary Only)

How to Apply

To apply you must qualify for a screening call with our resident SEO expert, to do this you must score a minimum of 75% or better on our SEO knowledge test. To get started, please Take Our SEO Knowledge Test Here »