Job Opportunity – Social Community Manager

We are excited to announce a new job opening:

Social Community Manager

Our Social Community Manager will be responsible for coordinating with research analysts, the SEO team, and the development team to ensure the overall quality of community-generated content. Persons in this role should have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and be excellent at meeting deadlines.

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Job Opportunity – Social Media Specialist

We are excited to announce a new job opening:

Social Media Specialist

Our Social Media Specialist will be responsible for interacting with our community members and internal research and SEO staff to ensure timely and accurate publication of helpful community information. The role involves conducting research into popular online social hubs to identify new people who may benefit from content within Factor Media communities.

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Job Opportunity – SEO Analyst

We are excited to announce a new job opportunity at Factor Media:

SEO Analyst

Our SEO Analyst will be responsible forr coordinating with our research analysts, content and community managers to optimize on-page SEO factors at some of our new properties. We are looking for energetic and analytical SEO experts who understand the composure of keywords (head/body/tail), how to establish ‘head’ keyword authority, and loves building high quality links.

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The Importance of Working in Sprints

While we cannot say that we are the pioneers who came up with this wonderful idea, we do believe in it to the extent that it has become embedded within our culture. Working in sprints, or production focused chunks of time, is a proven method to work more effectively; producing a higher quality of work product without mentally exhausting yourself.

How it Works

A sprint is most often a 2 hour block of hyper-focused production time. This time is spent heads-down working to maximum efficiency and often results in extremely high-quality work and an overall feeling of achievement and purpose. Sprints can be extended to 3 or even 4 hours in some cases but research has shown that optimal performance comes in 2 hour sprints with a  minimum of 30 minutes of down time in between. These sprints empower you to be highly productive while maintaining energy and sanity.

Why it is So Effective

Austin Evarts, in his post Working in Sprints: The secret to Remote Entrepreneurship and Ultra Mobility describes how working in sprints increases work performance by allowing your mind time away from your work task to take in other new experiences, which he points out have been scientifically proven to increase your overall happiness.

The reason this method of working is effective is it allows you to take period breaks to ‘re-charge.’  Human beings are not built to sit at a desk or in front of a computer for 8+ hours at one time. Even with a half hour lunch break in between 4 hour work sessions can cause your afternoon efficiency to slow to halt. Sprints allow you to stay focused by staying fresh. Think about it, if you know you only need to work for 2 hours and then get to take a quick break for a snack and an some reading or a walk – wouldn’t you be more liable to put the time in and enjoy the reward?

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